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The Mountain Cove Homeowners Board has created this blog to have another avenue of communication with the residents of Mountain Cove subdivison. We are going to make some major decisions that will affect our community in the near future and we want to make sure we reach all of you so you can give us your input on those decisions. Please subscribe to this blog so you don't miss important information regarding those issues and a chance to affect the outcome.
Enid Grigg
President - MCHOA

Sunday, April 1, 2012

General Meeting Results

The March 20 general meeting was a disappointment as far as attendance goes.  Besides the board members present we only had a handful of residents.  Here is the audio from the meeting.  We had important decisions to make and it's a shame it was left to so few to make them.  Unless our financial participation goes up in the next month the decision that was made on Saturday will remain our only course of action.
Audio is here

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