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The Mountain Cove Homeowners Board has created this blog to have another avenue of communication with the residents of Mountain Cove subdivison. We are going to make some major decisions that will affect our community in the near future and we want to make sure we reach all of you so you can give us your input on those decisions. Please subscribe to this blog so you don't miss important information regarding those issues and a chance to affect the outcome.
Enid Grigg
President - MCHOA

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Pool Security and Complaints

I have had some complaints about the pool gate being left open and the doors to the bathroom as well during the day when people are using the pool. Since we don't have the funds to hire someone to monitor the pool I suggest you remind your kids about not leaving the gate open and closing and locking the bathrooms when they leave the pool. You could also ask them to put the umbrellas down so they will remain in tack and not blow off into the woods.

This is our community and its not just the board members duty monitor the pool area and keep your kids in line. Those of you that are complaining it might be good to say something directly to the kids that are doing what you don't like or get their names and call their parents. We are going to continue to have this problem always unless we get enough money to be able to afford a lifeguard.

This summer has been a relatively quiet one as far as vandalism is concerned...there has been no vandalism and some climbing over the fence. I have gone down to the pool around 8:30pm to close it down for a couple of weeks now and the kids that were in the pool area were very cooperative in doing what I asked them to do to close it down. I think we need more communitcation with the kids and we need to include them in understanding this is our community and if we want it to be better then all of us have to participate, not just complain.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Pool Party a Success!

A big shout out those of you that helped with the pool party yesterday, it was a big success. You can view the pictures here and they are compliments of Dale Burgess of Dalbu Visual Productions

The weather was perfect aside for some umbrellas that took off into the woods a few times. Hot dogs were perfectly made by Jim Edwards. Cheryl Grattan showed up early to help set-up and Lisa Worley came a little later to help with serving lunch. Marty Barrett brought a cheesecake that we somehow managed to turn into more slices than we could eat and there was a wonderful plate of mouth watering watermelon from Tafee and Steve. Gale Burgess brought some cookies and Cheryl brought the brownies. We are still trying to figure out who ate the most hot dogs.
Our decorations were provided by the artistic family of Deborah Simmonds.
Pool security was provided by Qualmi (sorry if I spelled that wrong) Simmonds who promised me he would lock up after everyone went home later that evening.

A big welcome to all the new members and the old members who came for the first time. Were glad you're here!

All in all it was a great day!