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The Mountain Cove Homeowners Board has created this blog to have another avenue of communication with the residents of Mountain Cove subdivison. We are going to make some major decisions that will affect our community in the near future and we want to make sure we reach all of you so you can give us your input on those decisions. Please subscribe to this blog so you don't miss important information regarding those issues and a chance to affect the outcome.
Enid Grigg
President - MCHOA

Monday, May 18, 2009

That "Somebody" is YOU!

Marc McQuary writes...

Have you ever noticed a house on the way into the neighborhood that has been abandoned, the yard is grown up, shrubs are a mess, and trash is everywhere? If you are like me two thoughts cross your mind. First you think I wish somebody would clean that place up. Second you think, that makes this neighborhood look horrible. I hope no one coming to visit me sees it.

Well if you want to wait on that "somebody" to clean these abandoned yards up you will be waiting for a LONG time. On the other hand, if you have pride in where you live you can be proactive and be that "somebody". Think about this, ask your neighbors what they think about the place. Chances are they are as disgusted with it as you are. Then see if together you can all pick a date and time, bring along some yard tools and tackle the job of cleaning up the property yourselves. I bet you will find that in 2-3 hours you can make a run down residence look much nicer.

I know this works because I have done it on at least three occasions by myself, most recently today at 3860 Mountain Cove Road. It took me about 4 hours but I feel much better about it now. If you get this far into the subdivision take a look at the property. I think you will see what just one person taking a few hours of their personal time did to make an improvement.

This is our community. Waiting for "somebody" to do things to fix the eye sores is an exercise in futility. Complaining about it makes you as much of the problem as the problem itself. Why not take the high road instead and stop complaining and be a change agent and make something happen. Mountain Cove is where you live. If you want it to look nice it's up to you. "Somebody" doesn't care at all.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Pool will open this month

Thank you all for participating in the polls on the right. It looks like 72% of the residents that paid their dues want the pool open this year so we are opening the pool, however we will have to increase our community income so we don't have to close the pool earlier than expected this year.

You can all help by letting everyone you know about our pool memberships and telling them to contact us for more information via our website www.mountaincove.org I will be glad to send you a flyer to post at your churches and community centers so send me an email and I will send it out to you. Look for updates on the exact date for pool opening on the front entrance sign and here.

Friday, May 1, 2009

The pool is not the only reason to pay dues!

Yes, the pool does take up a large percentage of our budget but there are many other reasons to pay your full dues. We have major repairs to the clubhouse that we will have to build up funds for, replacing the roof, repairing the structural components of the deck surrounding the clubhouse, the wiring for the security lights is not to code, and I could go on but you can check it out for yourself on our main website in the clubhouse inspection report we had done a couple of years ago. We will never have enough funds unless we start to get the financial participation and commitment from our residents. Its one thing to have to close the pool down but if we continue down this path of apathy our facilities will become unusable and our community will suffer the consequences.

I cannot figure out why $16.67 a month is such a burden for the residents in this community. If everyone paid that figure we would have plenty of money in our yearly budget to do all of the repairs on our existing facilities without any special assessment.

Once again why is it fair that 40 residents pay for the other 160......it's a depressing situation.